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Julie Hyam Elliott is a Business Growth Strategist with a passion to help women find financial freedom.  She believes finance and strategy is the most essential tool we have in business today and it impacts every aspect of an organisation and an individual. Julie was one of the first females at NAB to run a Business Banking Centre, then General Manager at Westpac where she led the Inner West Region, Sydney to be amongst the bank’s leading business units nationally. Julie went on to be CEO of Bank of Sydney, where she drove the Bank to achieve the best results in its history: a 23% increase in revenue, an 88% increase in operating profits, a 33% increase in the loan book and a 44% increase in deposits. The time at the Bank also allowed her to champion other women in finance. She is currently working as a Board Chair + Committee Member for NSW Department of Industry, Australian Invoice Finance, P&N Bank and NSW Trustee & Guardian. This diversity keeps her finger on the pulse of the business and financial industry. Julie consults to corporations, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and executives and delivers keynotes and comments on business and finance in the media.

Her topics include:


'Why Cash Flow is Number One' 'Superannuation and your future' 'How to Avoid Homelessness Over 50 'Start up Must Knows'  'Death + Wills' ’The Importance of Disruption to Business'

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